2021 - 2022
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Fri, Feb 25, 2022
14h00 S*
DEINZE (B) Fri, Feb 25, 2022
AVELGEM (B) Tue, Apr 26, 2022
gc Spikkerelle
10h00 S*
AVELGEM (B) Tue, Apr 26, 2022
gc Spikkerelle
14h00 S*
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The Tatiana Aarons Experience



‘A spicy, very nice theater experienceʼ
‘A promising, nice discovery, Tom Struyf and his slippy, smart but accessible theater universe.ʼ

Els Van Steenberghe, Knack

‘Struyf magnificently plays with the laws of theater.’
‘A perfectly constructed piece.’

theaterjournaal.nl, Alinde Hoeksma

Summer of 2009 - eleven years ago. During a holiday in Lisbon, the young actor Tom Struyf meets Tatiana Aarons, a psychology student at the university of Johannesburg, in South-Africa. Their conversation first seems extraordinary and unique, but soon takes an unexpected turn and turns out to be following a genius script.

Back home, Tom tries to reconstruct the facts and find an answer to the question: who is this woman, and most importantly, who is she not? His quest leads him once more to Lisbon, where reality and fiction are quickly indistinguishable.

Cognitive Dissonance: a psychological theory according to which people continually attempt to form a logical and consistent narrative, even when their experiences are contradictory.

The Tatiana Aarons Experience is a travel story, based on (un)real events.

The Tatiana Aarons Experience was created ten years ago and praised by the jury of Het Theaterfestival 2011 within Circuit X.